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    Initial telephone interview to understand current wardrobe needs to design the best wardrobe or special event attire.   

    Based upon this conversation, Lisa may recommend one or more of the following:

     Closet Analysis of current wardrobe.

    • An important process for those who have just lost weight, had a baby, or are making a career change.
    • In-home assessment of current clothing, shoes, and accessories.  Typically, this process takes 1 ½- 2 hours.
    • Provide a list of clothing necessary to fill the voids and complete each seasonal wardrobe.
    • Options: Client shops on their own or Lisa implements the plan for them (step B below).

    Wardrobe Consultation—Meet at a specific store location to review clothing items that Lisa has pre-selected. 

    • Try-on clothing options in the fitting room, make choices, and pay the store directly for the items selected. 
    • Initial client appointments take approximately 2-3 hours, depending upon store location(s).  Subsequent appointments typically take 1-2 hours.
    • When appointment is complete, client should have all items required for the season or special engagement identified. (Including; shoes, undergarments, handbags, suggested skincare and make-up choices).

    Personal Shopping—Meet at a particular store location to review and select items together.

    • Recommended when shopping for Holiday gifts and new or vacation home shopping including; dishes, kitchenware and bedding.



    I hate to shop for clothes for myself.  I have made many mistakes and wasted money.  When I needed something for an event more formal than I had ever attended, a friend referred me to Lisa.  I just love working with Lisa!  I adore the clothes she helps me find.  I'm surprised at the number of things I love that I would never have tried on.  Besides, it's a blast working with her.


     Director of St. Paul, MN Libraries



    I have worked with Lisa for over twenty years. I never have to worry about whether I have the "right" clothes to wear - it is a matter of deciding what to wear. My friends think I shop for clothes all the time. In fact- I hate to shop for clothes - and only do it twice a year - always with Lisa!  Her analysis of my closet was amazing - and a great experience. Lisa is the best!


     Health Care Executive



    I spend less on my clothes overall because they work together for all the seasons. I have much more interesting clothes then I ever would pick out.


    Senior Vice President

    HR Support Services Company



    Working with Lisa is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. She not only  knows me well enough to find clothes she knows I will like, she knows me well enough to know how far she can get me to go in new directions. She’s able to adjust her guidance to fit different jobs or a changing lifestyle.  She’s part fashion guru, part coach, and part therapist.  Most importantly, she’s a lot of fun! 


    Global Head of Communications

    International Informational Services Company



    I've worked with Lisa Rubin for 20 years and she had helped me tremendously with my professional and personal wardrobe.  The key advantages of working with Lisa for me are time savings (highly efficient), broad knowledge of trends and fashion and what works specifically for me, and the ability to judge how various sizes will fit since sizing isn't really standard.  It's been great to have clothes I really love and that are appropriate for my work and home environments - without spending the time required to accomplish that on my own.


    Vice President

    Nationally Chartered Bank



    When I first met Lisa Rubin I was very skeptical about using her services, after all did I really need someone to help me shop.  After only one session (and there have been many more since), I can say a resounding YES to that question.  Now I only buy clothes that fit me, look outstanding and the amount of time I have to spend on shopping has been significantly reduced. I receive compliments on my clothing all the time now and know every day when I leave for work that I look great! Lisa has been a great partner in helping me create and maintain a professional image



    Minneapolis Law firm



    Having worked with Lisa for twenty years, I cannot imagine putting together a wardrobe without her. Besides having impeccable taste, she has an amazing ability to tailor her assistance to each client.  She helps a client put their best foot forward--no matter the budget, body type, or life/work style.  She stays current with styles, so is able to keep my wardrobe fresh and pushes my personal style forward.  I have come to rely on her advice and absolutely trust her judgment.  In business, I can do what I do best and feel confident that my wardrobe is not only appropriate, but an asset


    Vice President,

    Medical Device Company



    Lisa has truly simplified my life.  Thanks to her, I don’t have to waste time shopping around, only to find nothing fits, and nothing looks right.  She has a gift for detecting my unique style, my “executive presence.”  No more impulse buying!  No more angst over wardrobe questions like “What in the **** is ‘business casual?!”  Thank you Lisa! 

    Now if I can only get my direct reports to hire her.


    Attorney and CEO